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As the suns' rays slowly vanish over the horizon and the celestial parade of stars reveal their endless course through the skies overhead, the beautiful moon makes her gentle appearance, casting new light and shadows throughout all the land. The lore of ancient circles once cherished, is here revealed within this beautiful sculpture. Called by many names, the title 'The White Lady', is recognized by all cultures of the world and regarded with great respect. This solid cast poly/stone relief, is a near perfect reproduction of my original work, which was carved from a carefully chosen piece of volcanic tuft, called zeolite. Zeolite was formed from the ash deposits of volcanoes, over four hundred million years ago. What better material but diamond, could bring forth the spirit of creation and cycles, by the ancient fires?.

Born of stone from the great cauldron

The White Lady

This side of the work, represents the later years of a woman's life. Here she draws from the moons cycles and through counsel and her knowledge of healing, she administers the wealth of wisdom, to all who have need. The shroud she wears here, is garnished with interlace proclaiming her continuing union with tribe and culture.  Her dress is draped in four folds depicting the seasons of the year, here with the moons light in gentle reflection, reminding us of her eternal beauty and power.