'The White Lady' -Limited number, available now.

Due to the overwhelming requests for private, custom work, my public offerings have dwindled as of late. Please check back soon, for updates. Thanks. KG

Dartfrog and Ladybug bracelet- Private collection. 


Designs for the heart, mind and spirit. 


  This site presents the works of yours truly;  Kenneth Guilmette, artisan. Please note: only the piece/s displayed as 'Featured' on this site are offered through various auctions using PayPal and announced 'HERE', prior to the sale; such as EBay, or various other online auction sites named, for bidding on, or for a direct sale of the piece/s offered here.  This site exists, to allow interested parties, a more complete, in depth inspection of the works I offer to the general public. It thus provides to a discriminating collector, actual photos taken during the process of each work being created, whether in jewelry, or various other works for interior decor. Please note: Requests for 'The White Lady', relief bust shown below, have been overwhelming as of late; please EM me for availability.  Thank you, for your interest in my varied works and please mark this site, for future sale previews.      KG