Designs for the heart, mind and spirit. 

  ​​My 'Double Wrap'-Horse Bit bracelet, is solid .925 sterling silver, as is 'The Star Rider' buckle shown and features a custom, laser etched brand, monogram, or memorial dedication, on the facing wrist area of the reign strap, also shown. These bracelets are made for ranch and range, featuring a  tough construction in consideration of the serious rider, or ranch hand. For comfort in all seasons, the bit and buckle are conformed to fit under work, winter and everyday leather riding gloves.

'The Star Rider' Sterling silver custom- Snaffle Bit Bracelet.

  Over decades in the graphic arts trade, I was fortunate enough, to expand my horizons with an avid interest in minerals and geologic studies; from the field collecting and eventually into hand making, custom jewelry, I found silver smithing  the craft that most satisfies my artistic expression. My pieces often feature carved, semi-precious stones, or stones mixed with other types of organic media; materials such as amber, bone, Tagua nut- as an ivory substitute, etc.. All works presented for sale, are handcrafted, heirloom quality, Forged and carefully assembled in my studio .  

  Please note:  Only the piece/s displayed as 'Featured' on this site are offered here, or through various other sites using PayPal; such as EBay, or various other online sites named in the 'Contact' section. Thank you, for your interest in my varied works and please bookmark this site, for future offerings.  KG

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